From 1954 Single-Family Home to 1990’s Era Condo Living: culture shock


I didn’t think that this whole process would be easy, as we were in our former home since May of 2005 (a three bedroom ranch-style home in the historic Beverley Green neighborhood, near the south-side of the Strip and downtown). I didn’t expect to move so soon, either (a 30-day close) but we found something we liked very much: in our price range, located on the west side of the valley, something built in the 1990’s, and convenient to the shopping areas we like. I would’ve preferred a 60-day close, but I think that the investor was happy about moving the closing date a month sooner.


I now know, that in real time, 6 months would’ve been more suitable for our situation (we are collectors, including our son). Yes, we were downsizing (about four hundred square feet) but I was almost ready for that change, but this was a dramatic change for us. I’d read in articles, a few times, that once a purge was done (ie. setting aside for donations, give-away’s, and having a big yard sale) that another purge would be necessary (I was packing and purging at the same time, a few hours a night, after working at my full-time job—this was pretty time-consuming). We were able to sell some furniture and appliances on craigslist just before the big day.


The move itself was pretty rough, as we were still packing things while moving, not something that I recommend as it gets pretty crazy trying to manage multiple people in your house. Luckily, family members were helpful and very involved. We had to rent the truck for 2 days and we made multiple trips between both properties. Our new place was filled with boxes and stuff. This made life crazy for the first two weeks. Our goal was to go through as many boxes and edit our collections as much as possible (it needed to be done—I found it liberating to let go of things that didn’t bring me joy, didn’t have a use, or something that was just taking up space). We also made numerous donations (this felt good, too, as we were helping the community) almost nightly for the first week.


To gain a little more clarity and sanity, we did rent out a storage unit, just temporarily; just to get some breathing room and not continually bump into this or that. My husband’s goal is to go through things at his leisure. Regarding the clothing purge, I was glad to have less to keep track of, and thankful that there was room in my closet for my favorite items: my dresses and handbags— that was my silver lining. I really made an effort to edit those items, as I keep remembering that all the experts say we use 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. My closet is pretty much set, but I might need a few other organizational items. The neat thing is I know what’s inside my closet.

Coming together

I was so glad that most of the items we selected to keep in the kitchen had a place. This was unpacked and completed early on, which helped a lot. It’s nice to see the living room as a beach-themed sanctuary. It’s nice to see the pretty view from the dining room. Some of the furniture we opted to keep didn’t fit our new space but we were able to find some small-scale items at IKEA. We also went to T.J. Maxx, Wal-Mart, Ross, Marshall’s, and Bed, Bath & Beyond for some items we needed. We found some pretty aqua colored baskets for the laundry area; editing made a big difference, and it’s nearly the way we want it. We are placing an Amazon order. I also want to visit The Container Store.

More ahead

We have a couple more areas to tackle (the patio and our son’s room), then we can move on to the other items needing attention (other collections, items in storage, etc.). But, it is nice, that our place is becoming a home for us. It’s been a long, eventful, painful process, but once, we’re done, I know that I’ll be glad that the hard work was completed. And, don’t get me wrong, I know this is a continual thing, but I’ll still be glad that we did it together.






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