Beauty School Bargains in Las Vegas, Nevada- guest services by beauty school students

I’m not one to go to the Day Spa, although, I really must make the time to go (I’ve gone to the massage school to get a massage a couple times:—info is on the school, but you can call for details or look up the address—also, you can purchase gift certificates at the school), but here are some bargains worth looking into, for locals and tourists alike.

I went here once when I was pregnant, but the service I had is no longer available (sad face); it was a body scrub treatment, and it was divine! This one does skin care, body care, nail treatments, makeup, waxing services, and hair services, as well as hair color services. I also like that this brand focuses on natural ingredients. I do intend on going there in the very near future. Also, you can purchase gift certificates online, which is a plus! Located in a strip mall, East Tropicana and Eastern corner, near Walgreens.

This is a longtime running beauty school here located on the west side (Charleston, in the Red Rock Plaza strip mall) ; they do hair care (many services!), skin care, back facials, add-on services such as makeup, eyebrow tinting, eyelash application/removal, spray tanning, epilation, and beauty packages here.

Here is another option for you. This one does primarily, hair, and makeup. Located on Eastern, still Las Vegas (89123 zip code).

Hope this information is useful.


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