Inspiration for Physical Activity

It is just a few days until Christmas, and then a week later, after that, New Year’s. Wow, just like that, another year is over. Like I always say, “Time Flies!” I’m not one to make resolutions, because my general philosophy is that I am always working towards being a better person, in many ways, all year long, day in, day out. I did decide this morning, that I would challenge myself with a 30 day cardio challenge. I’ve already proven to myself that I’ve got the diet part down pat (last summer; I no longer have any food addiction issues and I completely understand the moderation concept), and that I recently completed a 12-week stint of  straight workouts (I guess, I was a yo-yo fitness type, before that; I had a female issue (pain) that has since been handled with a surgery that I felt was necessary—Yes, it’s made a huge difference in my well-being), so I figured, why not do the second part of my doctor’s suggestions?

I found a resourceful website, and I dabbled into some of the workouts (and there are a ton, I’m serious, one could not be bored on their many workouts!!!), but TODAY I will go all in. I just have not yet decided if this will be a singular challenge (just cardio) or a dual challenge (cardio plus abs). Of course, this challenge is in addition to my regular Weights/ Yoga routine. I will have to post another one with regards to my progress, and maybe post pics too. I would love to share another success story. I was curious about this procedure called Cool Sculpting but hope to do something on my own (if you set your mind to something, there is no stopping you, but you must believe before you can achieve), like I did recently (no trainer, no dietitian, no surgery, no medications, no magic pill, etc.)

I also did find another resource for becoming more active:

And another:

Last one:



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