Layering Stylishly, Winter Outfit Ideas

I have a definite uniform in the summer, which is a dress with a cardigan—the AC is always on, in case you were wondering… (note, I have lots of those items), but for the winter, it’s basically, a pair of cords or skinny jeans, with a layer (top and bottom, usually, thermals, cuddl duds, or fleece lined tights), a sweater, a pea coat (lots of those too!), a colorful scarf, and boots (it is super cold in my office lobby, plus when the front doors open, all the cold air outside rushes in). It’s kind of tricky, because I want to be warm, but I still want to have some mobility (don’t like that stiff feeling) and if I’m not careful, I could get hot, like if I pair a fleece sweater with a wool jacket (some places have the heat on full blast). I have to find the right balance, a happy medium. (Also, I am debating lining my not-so-warm jackets with interlining (with thinsulate, if I can find it at JoAnn’s) sometime, maybe, hoping.)

It’s fun to see how other women layer their clothing, just to get the creative juices flowing (you want to have some style, but you don’t want to look boring or stuffy). Plus, I’m trying to get some ideas generated for the upcoming vacation on a cruise ship (it’s cold and windy; did not bring enough warm clothing, the last time, so I want to be better prepared). Anyway, hope that this post helps you in your fashion journey, too. I didn’t want to post so many links to get you all confused, but just enough to give you a good idea of winter style.

Here’s a good link for the basics in layering:

Another good one on the basics:

I  really like “Ways To Layer A Button-up

Here’s one using real people pictured on the streets of New York:

And another one with real ladies sprinkled with a few celebs, too (I really like the looks on pages 7,8, 12, & 15 and I like the belted look—might need to try this one sometime; also, I’ve been looking for an olive utility jacket, but hubby thinks that I have way too much clothing—I swear, I’ve been donating lots of stuff lately and I’ve been pretty selective about what I buy for myself nowadays):

Ok, the more I search online, the more cute winter outfit ideas I find! I really like the looks on pages 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 15!

This one covers sizing/proportion as well as a nicely pictured layering formula:



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