Favorite Maxi Dress Tutorials

There are so many free resources online. It’s amazing. Why spend $30- $50 one one dress, when you can DIY with the type of fabric, colors, and prints, that you prefer, and that’s custom fitted to your body shape?

Here are some videos to checks out:

As you can tell, I like DamaV425 on http://www.youtube.com


I also like this lovely lady, pinkchocolatebreak’s tutorials on http://www.youtube.com, too—she has so many different tutorials!

I tried copying and pasting another one of hers, but when I did that, the video was not the same as the one I wanted. But you can check out her posts and subscribe if you like her, too.

These are the regular ones (not videos):


This one involves the use of RIT dye, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go that route.

easy DIY maxi dress with just one seam! | sewing tutorial

This fabric is easy to use/sew, as this material is sold at Jo-Ann’s; I asked the fabric cutter, how you determine what amount you need, because I didn’t have a clue. She told me you wrap it around yourself, so one me, it ended up being one yard that I needed. If you are short like me, you chop off the bottom, and you can sew straps on to complete the look (also the fabric cutter’s advice). 


I love this blogger’s posts! 


This is the first one I saw from this blogger’s site.

A 3-Seam Caftan Tutorial.

Caftans are making a comeback! This one’s a keeper.


I do love the colors and creating this short-sleeved, fun, multi-layered maxi dress!


This ones uses a frilly tank top and different layers to create a nice-looking maxi dress.


This one uses a tank top and fabric to create one nice piece, and I thought this was the best source to explain things step by step, too. 


This one is one of those dual-purpose dresses, ideal for travel. 


This one is a nice one, though, you have to purchase the pattern online. I thought it was a nice simple design, though. 


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