LISTIA: Bad Buyer reported: altheajo

I had to enlist the help of the moderators on the site, as this person was harassing me. I want to warn other good people on as this type of behavior is not tolerated. I refuse to be cyber-bullied. I know that I am a good seller on the site. I have 2347 total feedbacks (100%) and I’ve had 2149 ended with winner auctions. I try my best with each and every transaction. I will admit I am not perfect, I am human, after all, but I always try to do my best, and if there is a problem, will try to correct it. That is my work ethic. I love the site and I love the good people on the site. But sometimes, you get some weird people along the way. This is a good example of that.  I did “block” her, as well. And finally, I have to add that other sellers have noted this little rule on minors because there have been numerous problems. 

rule #6- broken: harassment via private message- sent to me:  april 25, 2016, saturday morning, 8:45 AM

i would like to say to you that your no minor rules is not listias rules and how do you know if they are minors? they can do nothing detrimental to you as if they would like to return something it is not your call but listias. your rules are not listias rules and they will not allow your rules to stand. i find it prejudice. you have some plastic beads and childrens items which they can benefit from as they may be struggling as it is. this is the first i have seen of this rule. it is mean spirited and i just feel the need to let you know that this is the reason i am blocking you. i asked a question about shorts which you certainly can disregard and those who think they can make their own rules must not think that the rules are listias call not ours to make. my daughter has auctioned off many childrens items that are like new and i know that young mothers appreciate it very much from her feedback. you have a good following and have benefited from many auctions. why do you think that you can actually that right away from others? your rules are not in line with listia rules.

i am not violating rules, because i see this condition on other sellers’ listings’ rules: No Minors.

i do not appreciate this kind of treatment when i am a productive member of this site. i give out 5x as much (as a seller) as i have received (as a buyer).


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