Closet Purge: Project 1- 2016 (+ minis)

Inspired by recently tackling my Jewelry Box project (had to get a functional one to house my collection), the kitchen purge, and then my bathroom closets (it was needing final organizing—it was started, but needed finishing). I actually started this project in the winter (December, to be exact) of 2015, but I spaced it out within a few months so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed (it’s easy to do that if you tackle everything all at once—all the experts on the subject don’t advise that method). I was also in the midst of the holidays and after that ended, trying to get everything sorted for our vacation (at the end of January). We had a big box situated near the front door to remind us to get this donation over to the Savers store (a local thrift store that benefits several organizations here in town, and then some of the donations end up in other countries.) To help me decide what was going, I read some articles on the subject (real simple magazine had a good one recently) and checked out some youtube videos. They say getting started is the hardest part (this applies to anything new, change, basically).  (I admit I go through my son’s clothing more often than I go through mine!)

So, during some free weekday nights and weekends (most likely, my son’s nap times), I went through my clothing in categories: tops, sweaters, hoodies, athletic wear, pants, jeans, shorts, socks, undies, etc. This past weekend, I went through my winter clothing and bottoms, weeding out: (1) the clothing not worn in the past couple years, (2) the items I don’t love, (3) the pieces that don’t fit me anymore (I dropped a size in bottoms), (4) the colors I don’t really care for (impulse sale purchases), (5) the items that are not reflective of my style anymore, (6) the items needing alterations or repairs, (7) set aside a few items for swapping online and (8) items into the trash can—3 pairs of shorts by Adidas affected by dry-rot (happens when items are not fully dry but put away in plastic bags, who knew?). Items in categories 1-5 ended up in that donation box (and it was donated a few days ago—no more large overflowing box, it ended up being a huge donation). I placed the items needing alterations into a bag along with some sewing supplies, and even got started on some pieces that weekend (two down, three to go!).

I also had a mini-project within this project: coming up with a capsule travel roundup (already inside of a packing cube, which is already inside my carry-on luggage). Another inspiration was the idea of packing smarter and lighter (mix and match). I have three categories to tackle yet: dresses, swimwear, and shoes. I also plan on swapping some items online (listia, tradesy, swapstyle, etc.) or at the local Buffalo Exchange store soon.

Now that I know what I have, I identified which pieces I need to purchase: (1) a lightweight jacket for travel (2) an olive button-down shirt (3) a chambray fitted shirt (4) jeans/khakis that fit (in my new size) (5) athleisure wear (Fabletics by Kate Hudson is ideal) and (6) hue leggings. Ok,  (7) maybe a new circle scarf (I love love love scarves!). This was part of my motivation, a new shopping list (it’s fun!).

I am so glad that I took the time to do this, because now, I am not overwhelmed by my clothing— it’s not an ordeal to go through my stuff anymore (Ok, I might need to repeat this process a couple times a year; another piece of advice by the experts). I still need a few hours to go through the rest, but for now, I have some piece of mind. I lovingly refer to my junk as “organized chaos.” I also need to tackle another closet, but let me bask in this glow of accomplishment for a little bit, please.


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