How to be a Good Buyer on, vs. being a Bad Buyer (shame on them)

These are the traits I like the best in a buyer, when I am the seller.

(1) Communication

a.) the buyer immediately sends the verified address to me, so I can ship out

b.) the buyer notifies me when the item is received

c.) the buyer leaves me positive feedback

(2) Courtesy

a.) manners our a must! (it’s sad that we live in this age of “entitlement”)

3.) Repeat Business

a.) I appreciate when my buyers come back and when I notice that they come back, I may include extras as rewards for coming back.

If there is a problem, along the way, I hope to make it right. Some buyers have asked for something extra, as a good faith gesture. I sometimes comply. After all, I am human, and sometimes I make mistakes (let’s face it, noone is perfect). But with each transaction, I do work very hard to do it right the first time, including a detailed item description (this eliminates time- wasting; but even then, many people do not even read, which is such a very basic thing to do—some auctions are tiered, or “winner’s choice”, and some offer free shipping after a certain credit level has been reached).

It is such a chore to hunt down for all these things (I follow up, but when there is no response after three emails, I give up on wasting any more of my time), when it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide these things. Furthermore, the ones that don’t respond after three attempts on my part, those ones are not exactly good experiences, but then again, there are tons of flaky people out there, too.

Since I am also a buyer on the site, I promptly provide these items. And sometimes I do more follow-up than the seller does, by sending a quick email about getting the item and then leaving feedback for that seller. Since I am mostly the seller on the site (over 1446 Ended with Winner; yes, this shows my extensive experience), I do, of course, walk the walk, and talk the talk.

Another red flag to mention—I also take note when it is a newbie buyer, too,  because many of them can be kids (under 18), so they are not good with follow-throughs. I wish there was a way to cancel the transaction when it is a minor. But I don’t think that there is anything we can do about that. And sometimes, these newbies they don’t care about following through, either.

Full Disclosure on the item description is so important because I’ve had on many transactions (where I am the buyer), have been more than nice and have suggested to the seller in emails, that the item was (1) smoke-smelling or had a overpowering perfume smell (I have allergies), or the (2) clothing item had pills (this is my biggest pet-peeve with clothes). I let them know, that other people might not be as understanding, and could file a dispute. That is the helpfulness part in me. In some instances, the seller did not care to package the item carefully. I still leave positive feedback (that’s my being nice part). In others, the seller overcharges for postage. But then, my option is to simply not to deal with him or her anymore. In many instances, the seller did not send me the items I won from her. She was disabled and sickly so I kept following up with her, and my persistence paid off; a few months later, I got my items, though some of the items were substitutes. I don’t bid on her items anymore, because of this bad experience.

These traits are not good and will earn a spot on my BLOCKED list: 

nasty/petty comments left on my auctions (some people think they are so-called experts, when they know nothing)




sends an extensive amount of emails (this is a big red flag, especially before the auction ends; I suggest not even dealing with personality type)


has emotional problems and loves drama— (My husband thinks that the people on this site are crazier than the ones on I have told him about some of the messy details I’ve come across. And he has asked me to leave the site due to my bad experiences.)

I’ve notated some of my experiences of some of the worst buyers recently, the violators (the ones who don’t play by listia rules), the cheaters (the ones that request refunds but still have your item), the liars. If you want to get an idea of the people I’ve blocked, you just have to go to my profile and click on “BLOCKED.” These people are unable to bid on the rest of my items, and I do have many, many nice things to offer. I am a pretty easy-going person and I am also even-tempered, but when my niceness is taken advantage of, I refuse to continue being the victim. It isn’t fair. So, there, I’ve given my opinion.

So, why do I stay on the site? Well, it’s for a number of reasons. I still enjoy being a part of a community, a group that recycles, instead of tosses out. (Don’t get me wrong— I still recycle locally, by donating to places like Savers, and I do swap sometimes, with my favorites only.) I like when I am the buyer and win things for a steal. I’ve gotten some nice things over the years. And I like to think that the site is still positive in some ways and that I make a contribution, too.


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