Travel Aids and Sources to make your travel planning easier

Some items I use every time we fly for a week-long trip:

Packing Bags– these are essential for organizing and helps keep things more compact

Medication containers– this is a must-have for medications and vitamins (some people use this for their jewelry); pictured is my small one with six compartments, but it can easily be placed in my purse


Jewelry roll– I’ve had this one for years, and I still use it; lots of compartments for my goodies

Makeup bag (zippered)- keeps your cosmetic brushes from getting anything else dirty and also keeps your makeup to a minimum

Zippered pencil pouches– keeps your emergency kits (medical/sewing/sweeteners) compact

Luggage locks- absolutely essential

For inside my purse: thin wallet (will only bring essential cards), small zip pouch, and coin purse.

Stores to check out before venturing into online shopping (my description precedes):

There are so many locations here. Try to get to one that isn’t so frantic. You can find pill holders, plastic pencil boxes, pouches, scented dryer sheets, foil sheets, and every once in a while, travel size brand name toiletries.

99 Cents Only

Sometimes this store really has what you are looking for; we come here for travel-size Boogie Wipes, pill holders, scented dryer sheets, foil sheets, and brand-name foods (surprised?!).

Dollar Tree

I recently found a 3-pack of small round pill holders for one dollar (beats The Container Store). Also carries lots of travel size toiletries.

Big Lots

It seemed for a long time, we’d come here every other weekend for things. Most of the aisle (about 75%) is dedicated to only travels-sized items; much better selection than Wal-Mart’s.


Online shopping sites to help you get you started (my description precedes):

I love this store (only one store here in Las Vegas)- I can spend hours at this store (lots of ideas that really inspire me). Specialized items (which means higher prices since this is a specialty store, some items are higher-priced). The most comprehensive item inventory to help get you organized at home, and an equally impressive section on travel aids.

Of course, if you don’t have access to any physical stores, this site is the second best thing. You have to do your research because pricing on some things are not as competitive and some items have a free shipping minimum requirement of $35 or more. I’ve purchased packing bags from here, as well as my carry-on luggage.

I don’t like all the clothing they offer (the style can be a little bit more towards older travelers; the travel dresses lack a waist/definition- and the women’s sizing is a little bit larger, too), but there are some nice options with their clothing and shoes; for example, wrinkle-free, lightweight, reversible. Also, the website has free printable downloadable checklists for travel.

The underseat luggage I sought was from here, via Amazon. The company ships for free if your purchase is over $49.00. Many options for luggage here.

I have always been a fan of this store. At one point, in Las Vegas, there were numerous locations in almost every major shopping mall, but I believe there are just a few stores remaining, now. I still use a portable foldable hair dryer which I purchased many moons ago. I was almost going to buy an underseat carry-on luggage (dash bag @ $99)

I love beach brands like Roxy, Billabong, and Honolua and when it’s hot enough here (spring, summer, fall), I wear my dresses like crazy to work (4x a week). This site carries many beach brands. An honorable mention are the large variety of Angie maxi dresses.

I do love local Hawaii-made brands like Jams World, Tori Richard, and Iolani. When we visit, we have to go to the factory outlet store (also the flag ship store/ where the website ships from) and I always make a purchase. The regular prices are crazy high (think Tommy Bahama price range), so I always check this site periodically for the specials. Shipping is higher, but at least, the specials beat retail prices.


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