Alterations on my ugly bell-bottom tunic sleeves (Sundance Catalog)

I really liked this gorgeous aqua-colored tunic from Sundance Catalog, so I went ahead and put it on my Christmas Wish List (I always get vacation clothing on that list; especially love it when summer stuff goes on sale during the winter months). I read the reviews about the tunic and the other buyers said pretty much the same thing about the bell- bottom sleeves, that they were ugly. One person returned it.


So, I figured, how hard would it be to tackle the project? Ok, so it’s the end of the month (well, it was on my “getting-ready” list, honest). I checked out some research online, but everything is very general.  Last night, I got started. I tried the tunic on, wrinkles and all. I hate to iron! Anyway, I got my sewing shears and cut the bells off.


Then I tried it on again. Lucky for me, everything is always long on my arms (come to think of it, I’m used to altering my clothes, because I am a short girl- maxi dresses are always so long at 54 inches on average). I also went straight across the top of the sleeves (with pins) to straighten it out. I just have to cut off the excess and sew straight across. Then finish it off by hemming the ends. And just like like that, the look is transformed. I am considering to do another little project with this tunic: spliting the bottom hem sides as well.

I will have to add the picture of the finished project, later (thanks to my sister).

See, it’s wrinkled, but here’s the finished product.


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