My Swap Sites (including book sites) Review In Full Detail

I’ve been swapping online (clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and books) for the past eight plus years; I’ve learned a lot of things over the years, and I’ve done quite a few swaps on these websites during that time. Here is my review in detail, on those sites.

These sites are selling sites (using different methods of “currency”), but considered swapping sites, since they are coming from individuals, not usually companies/corporations.

This site is the one I visit everyday (*unless I am on vacation), and since I have the app on my cell phone, I am able to access it, provided that my internet access is running- I don’t always have 4G. There are more rules of conduct here, so make sure you read over the rules, more than once, then review every  few months. For example, you can’t list used makeup unless it is lotion or perfume, and you can’t list anything humans or pets can consume (including toothpaste). There is a badge for flagging auctions, which to me, encourages people to flag your stuff (you know, the haters). I have had some strange dealings with some strange people, because not everyone practices common sense or common courtesy (not everyone is honest, sane, and fair- I’ve gotten damaged or clothing items with pills). The saving grace is that you can BLOCK people. And you can contact moderators for additional help (trouble with sellers or buyers). Comments (visible to everyone) are used for questions about your items, not clear in the item descriptions. But some people, they are so mean! I am pretty descriptive with my listings. And if I am on the buying end, I tend to ask questions that other people would ask anyway, like sizing material type, condition, and if the item comes from a smoking or non-smoking home. You cannot please everyone, and you may come in contact with crazy people, so I am giving you fair warning, here. People are very whiny and that tends to get annoying. I’m not saying that everyone on there is like that, just saying, there are a few bad apples.

In a nutshell this is how it works: you give up your stuff, you earn credits, then you get stuff using the credits in an auction setting unless there is a GIN (get it now) option. Money is only used in cases where shipping is charged. PayPal use is encouraged. There are other ways to earn credits, like sharing the site on Facebook, completing surveys, listing day-specific items, or buying credits.

To date, I have over 1450 transactions on this site.

This can be a dangerously addictive site. If you can find authentic items (beware of fakes and counterfeits), buyers really have the upper hand here, as many collectibles have gone down in value (due to saturation, seems like everyone uses this site). It’s not so good when you are a seller. Due to higher seller fees, PayPal fees, and now, a shipping fee, it’s become hard to make a profit. Items can be sold on auction or for the “Buy It Now” price.

To date, we have 400 transactions under our belt. This started out as my account, but when my father-in-law assumed my husband’s account, this became our joint account.

This is similar to ebay but on a smaller scale. So, if you are searching for certain name brands, you will find a much smaller amount of these things here on this site. It’s an easy site to navigate, but you have to get used to the pathways, which is the easiest tip I can give you. PayPal is used.

This is also another site that I check pretty much everyday. It’s very easy to use. (iPhone users can download the free app.) Sometimes the checkout process isn’t as smooth, but you can enlist help through an employee, via telephone. There is a 5 minute window in which to make a purchase (there is a countdown in your cart- it can be nerve-wracking). This is a selling site but you can make purchases, too. Paypal use is encouraged but there are fees to transfer to your bank account. There is no feedback system. Sometimes you will get the occasional buyer looking for a deeper bargain, in the form of private messages. There is a purchase guarantee. On the sellers’s side: shipping can be in the form of a shipping kit which takes a few days (the price is worked into the selling price) or you can opt to print the label out (using your own packaging). Sometimes there are sales on certain items, and other times, you are rewarded $10 off a purchase, for a limited time, too.

TIP: Your higher priced items will do better here, because the site automatically suggests (auto-populates) what your selling price should be, based on the retail price that you enter when you create a listing.


The following are traditional swapping sites, in which both parties agree to swap on a deal.

This is the oldest swapping site, and it is worldwide, as well, so it is officially the longest running swapping website around. It is free to use, but there are limits to offers per month that one can make. It is not just a swapping site, but if you want to sell your things, you can do that, too. Values are put on the item description. Categories for items are the following: Accessories, Clothes, Cosmetics, Entertainment, Kids/Maternity, Shoes. If you have a facebook account, and most of us do, you can click on the blue tab stating “Login with Facebook.” This takes you to your profile page. On your home page, your friends are on the left side of the page, while tabs for your option categories, are at the top of the page: Home, Swap (browse items, add items, manage items, favourite items), Offers (new offers, in talks, to finalize, done archive, shopping carts), Profile (private messages, edit profile, edit profile, diamond membership), Forum, Search (next to an empty box to type). Click on any of those, and it takes you to a dropdown lift of other options (which I included in the parentheses) . If you are looking for a specific item, like a Coach bag, that’s where you’d use the search option (type it out in the empty box); if the item is there, you’d get pages of this item. Feedback is given in the way of Tokens.

This was the first site I used for swapping. It was pretty easy to use. There was a crash due to hackers, and then the site reopened a year or so later. To date, I have 67 tokens. I’ve added some items to my swaps, though I have not swapped on this site for a long while now.

This is my favorite swapping site to use because the website is super user-friendly, hands-down, period. I have gotten many nice items using this site. Also, the swapping community is small, and for the most part, the people are really nice, too. Selling is alright using the link for Sellies (but I thought the prices were high so I never used the site; I could go to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and pay less than these people’s prices). There is considerable more content, but that’s what makes it easy for us to navigate. After you log in, at the top of the page, here are the following options (in italics): Home, Trading Post (clothes, books, general, sell your stuff), Go Green (Why rehash?, HELP, How To rehash, Resources), Fashion (Articles, Resources), My Profile (View profile, Edit profile, Edit account, My rehashes, My watch list, My gallery, Inbox, My trades, Notifications), and Logout. Again, dropdown options are in parentheses.  ((In Trading Post’s clothes sub-options are: View rehashes, Rehash an item, View category cloud, View tag cloud, Search rehashes.)) Feedback is given in the way of Karma.

To date, I’ve got over 93 Karma. 

This site was not only very small (few members), but had numerous hacking issues, as well, and was never quite the same after the last hacking incident (so many members’ item pictures were lost; this was a major issue). Sadly, I had no reason to come back to it, as it was also very difficult to use (was always an issue, though). I did complete a few swaps on here, maybe a dozen or less. I think that there was a charge per diem, as well.

The site is alright, but because I didn’t have any completed swaps, I don’t like it, and have not been on the site for quite some time. I figure I do not need to waste my time because the people using the site, are very unresponsive, and/or do not have what you are searching for, anyway. The farthest I ever got was a question about something I had listed.


The rest of the sites reviewed are for book sites, which are all one-sided, meaning you give up yours, get points when the books are received, and then you can request books using your points or credits.

This is a book site that I’ve been a member of for a long time. I may have nearly 120 transactions. The way it works, is you must give up your books, which, then gets you points, and then you are able to request books using your points. You can use the wish list option, and then you will automatically receive an email letting you know that a title is available.

This is a book site I’ve been using recently. This one is neat, because there are pictures of books on the search, so you know that you’re looking for the correct title. You can have a wish list using this site. Your position is noted on the book’s title. You have a short time to respond to “the wish being granted.” If you miss out, it goes to the next one on the list, and so forth.

This is my least used book site. It’s simple (black & white, no pics or graphics), but not easy to navigate (seemed to be designed by a technical type person). This one also is expanded to other forms of media (CD’s, movie DVD’s) and other items too).


The following are websites I used locally for a short time.

This is an organization that is useful if you want to get rid of your junk; the only thing is you have to give your home address and leave instructions for where the item is located. For example, “look for the stack of magazines in the recycling bin in the front carport.” Items go really fast, so don’t be surprised if you miss out.

I only used this once for a swap, and we met up at a parking lot, and I was nervous about it because you just never know who you meet using this site. Surprisingly, the lady was an Avon rep, and she wasn’t a total weirdo, so it all worked out for me. I wanted to see if I could do some swaps locally, but there were just so many flakes (lots of people did not even have transportation). Due to the recent horror stories on the news, I don’t really use this often anymore. Only to list yard sales, once or twice a year, or if we are selling a specific item that is heavy (which we don’t want to ship out).


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