Family Checklist for Wet ‘n Wild- Las Vegas, NV

We were invited to a Yelp Elite event yesterday. I got some things together a few days earlier, because I didn’t want to come up with it the morning of; so, maybe this list will be helpful to you.

TIP: Wet ‘n Wild provides free suncreen in large pump gallons. We have our own, so we wanna use ours up before the shelf life ends.




-Water shoes

– Sunglasses






-Sunblock- facial

-Sunblock- body

-Lip protection with SPF

-Change of clothes

-Minis- Toiletries

-Body Lotion

-Contacts, Case, & Solution

-Eyeglasses, Case

-Cell phone (make sure it’s fully charged)


-A book to read or crossword puzzle book

-iPod (make sure it’s charged)


-Swim trunks




-Minis- Toiletries


-Swim trunks

-Rash guard



-Change of clothes plus socks

-Sippie cup with juice

-Goldfish crackers


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