My Perfect Hawaii Travel Checklist for our 8-day vacation

This was a few months ago when I started the first draft; yes it passed already, and I’ve been slacking on my blog upkeep, so there’s my little disclaimer.

We’ve been to the Hawaiian islands nine times, but our upcoming trip will be our first time with our 16-month old son (and a couple of our friends, 1st-timers). So, I had to revise the list and so, here it is:

Travel Outfit Large Luggage VINCENTS LIST- Birth Certificate
Sweater/hoodie/tunic Extra Bag Baby bag/tote
Jeans Purse Sm. Toys- 2
Shoes Beach Tote Snacks
Socks/Undies/Bra Travel- hoodie, pants, long sleeve
Purse My stuff Toiletries- 1 bag
Cell Phone 4 dresses Diapers- 35/ Wipes
Carry-On Bag 2 shorts Shoes- 2
Outfit to change @ airport 3 tees Crocs
iPod 3 tanks Socks- 3 pairs
Book/mags 4 prs. socks Shades
Toiletries- Ziploc 8 undies Hats- 2
Shades/case 2 swimsuits Shorts- 3
Jewelry 2 coverup Tanks- 4
Makeup shawl/scarf Tees- 2
Snacks- bars, nuts 1 sweater Aloha- 3
Yoga box (instructional cards) 1 tunic Trunks- 2
Gift cards 2 gym outfits- 1 shorts, 2 tops Rashguards- 2
Vitamins/Meds 1 pj outfit PJs
Itinerary 3 prs. shoes Tube
Blanket visor/hats Scoops
Flower ornament 1 strapless bra
Travel Plug 1 racer back bra
Neck pillow toiletries
Stroller cell charger
water shoes-2
medical kit
beach towels-3
emergency kit

About choosing my clothing- I decided on my favorite colors, green, and blue, so I can mix & match. I’m not a minimalist, so I’d rather be prepared than buy things there (additional items to my regular toiletries include: sunblock, sewing kit, emergency kit, repellant, cleaning wipes, spice/sweetener packets). The biggest lot of things that I bring are toiletries. About laundry, since there is humidity, things don’t dry as fast, unless there are tradewinds to help you out (clip on to the chair on the lanai at your hotel). I mainly buy clothes when we are there (I love some hawaiian labels like Jam’s World but we go to the outlet for lower prices). Well, we buy hawaiian food items and hawaiian soaps, too, but we ship a package using USPS flat rate medium box, a few days before our vacation ends. Because of the bulkiness of diapers, we are choosing to buy a pack there, maybe Long’s or K-mart.

Other interesting tips I learned while doing online research:  (1) some people stuff their shoes with small items, (2) roll your clothing, (3) wear your bulkiest items (jeans/jacket/sneakers) while traveling (don’t wear a belt because you’ll need to remove it at the security checkpoint), (4) some people use a carry-on only for trips (you’d need to carry all your toiletries in a plastic ziplock bag- 3-1-1 rule); I would do this if I had the kind that would fit underneath the seat because it would be so much simpler, but then again, my husband and I share a large suitcase that we check in.

NOTE TO SELF FOR NEXT TRIP: Do not forget to bring a towel or sweater to cover up the baby when/if it rains (it rained about 5x).

Here are other online resources to come up with your own perfect hawaiian vacation packing list:

-this was my favorite one, the most practical, and the most i could identify with

-this is perfect for the minimalist, and for the person who plans to do laundry


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