Just Slightly Germophobic

I carry a mini-Purell on my purse (outside, on the handle or strap) at all times. I’ve got some of those in the car, too. I’m not as bad as Howie Mandel. But where has common sense gone?

At the office-
I always notice when people lick their fingers in order to give me a business card separated from their stack. Gross.

When strangers shake my hand, I always have to use some hand sanitizer. Gross. (I’m sorry, but I don’t know what people do with their hands; there are studies on this! I’m not making this up.)

When someone at the office (I’m not naming him for a reason) does the following: puts the outgoing mail in his mouth, rubs his nose with the back of his hand, uses a tissue for his boogers, then places it back inside his pocket, spits on you when he is talking to you, or gets his greasy hand prints on my desk or on the front door, which is glass. Yeah, seriously gross.

In restaurants or at other people’s homes-
I always notice when people lick their fingers then proceed to handle the community plates afterward. Gross. It’s not hard to wash your hands, if you are at home. (The same goes for after using the bathroom.)

And don’t even think about double-dipping food and sauces, if you are with a group of people. Common courtesy. The same goes for using your fork to grab food from the serving plate. No-no.

Food handlers-
It grosses me out when I notice that they are not wearing gloves, but I don’t even really want to think about all the stuff that goes on behind the kitchen doors. Reminds me of that movie, “Waiting.”

Out in the general public-
I always catch people picking their noses (mostly adult men). SUPER DOUBLE GROSS. What is wrong with people?!

Public restrooms-
When people don’t flush the toilet, or worse, leave their mess (urine or feces) for other people to deal with, or even the toilets which have the liners still remaining on top, too. Gross.

Again, (and I can’t say this enough) when people do not wash their hands before exiting. Gross.

These are just some situations that really bother me, because it seems like people are so darn dirty nowadays. My hands are super dry because I am always washing my hands everyday of my life, always mindful not to spread germs. Germs make people sick.


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