Going “Back to Basics”- the declutter project

I recently decided that nothing is going to move out of the house unless I do something drastic (Yes, I already go through my closets a couple times a year, and make regular donations to the Library and Safe Nest- a local domestic violence organization). Never mind the fact that we hadn’t had an annual Yard Sale in such a long while; we usually have a combined one with my in-laws (set one- there are two sets, a divorce does that; creates  blended families) at least twice a year. These Yard Sales usually keep our storage room at a manageable amount- but it’s a record-high, jam-packed to the door, variety (yup, it’s that bad!!!). I’ve been wanting to do more item listing on http://www.listia.com, but I’ve found that everyone wants something for nothing (and shipping costs are increasing yet again, on the 26th). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some success on the site, approaching almost 1000 transactions (positive feedback, too). I added more listings recently, too. But I need to get rid of more stuff (it’s been hanging around a while long enough), so I am going back to  selling on http://www.ebay.com. There is a tool to schedule listings, so that is what I’ve put on my plate. I have pretty much put my other hobby, Swapping, on hold, for the moment.

I’m still struggling with the whole full-time working mom role; trying to find a balance is pretty challenging. I’m multi-tasking more than ever, and often times I do forget things and tasks- OK, alot, but I am doing the best I can, and hopefully the most with my time at any given moment. Nothing compares to seeing the joy on my son’s face during play time at night (my day job is at the office, my night job is mommy, dishwasher, laundry doer, dinner preparer- you get the point). So after the baby’s bedtime,  I get things ready for the next day, and maybe read something before I get to sleep. And I wouldn’t change being a mommy, for anything; especially, because we weren’t even sure that it was going to happen. Very lucky to have the family I always wanted, starting with the husband, who made this possible, of course.


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