Weekend Maternity Clothing Shopping Trip: Motherhood Maternity sections in Macy’s

Don’t tell my OB/GYN (shh!!!), but we went walking around two malls this past weekend (she wants me to take it easy, which I’ve been doing; extremely boring, for my being an active person, pre-pregnancy). Anyway, we went to the Meadows Mall on saturday. Since I missed the Macy’s the last time we went to this mall, we went to the Motherhood Maternity section, located on the 3rd floor, situated next to the lingerie section (kinda funny, huh?). Surprisingly, a lot of selection here! It was bigger than all three of the JCPenney’s stores’ maternity departments. It was set up very well, too. It wasn’t a tiny corner. There were tanks, tees, pants, shorts, underwear, a few dresses, and a few cardigans. I had so many bottoms and tops in my hands to try on (I’m very low on bottoms). I had my run of the department as I was the only pregnant woman there. There was a promotion going on in this department- Buy 3 items, get 1 free. I pretty much loved the bottoms- long stretchy workout pants (uber-comfy), belted steel-grey dress shorts with secret belly fit panel (these were regularly $26.99, I saw this at a Motherhood Maternity store a few weeks earlier), basic khaki shorts with secret belly fit panel (so versatile, goes with everything). They were all marked down, too. I also liked five tops (two of the prints, I got in other colors) but opted to get a larger size in two of them since my regular, pre-pregnancy size was already snug, at a little over 4 months along (I swear, it looked really big on the hanger and I even made a comment to my husband, haha, the joke’s on me, welcome to pregnancy). I was very happy with this shopping trip (now I’m not so limited in my selection of outfits). It was cheaper than going the Motherhood Maternity stores (not outlets).

We went to the Boulevard Mall on sunday. In the Macy’s, the Motherhood Maternity department is located on the second floor, next to the women’s clothing. Though the selection was smaller here, I did spot a few dresses and blouses that were really pretty (and marked down, too, for that matter). I also noticed that many of the markdowns at the other Macy’s were also here at this location too (in fact, I was wearing an outfit from the previous day’s shopping trip). This one also had jeans. Why are maternity jeans so expensive? Even at Old Navy, the lowest price was $34.99, higher than the regular misses jeans. I didn’t buy anything here , but I was really tempted with one dress (I’m a dress addict). It is nice to know that I have options. (There are only two other department stores in this mall to purchase maternity clothes: JCPenney and Sears (don’t bother, high prices, and old-fashioned styles).

In cyber-shopping, I’ve checked http://www.craigslist.org, but noticed that the size commonly on the site, is Large or X-Large, not my sizes. I’ve only found two listings which might be my size, Small (in Motherhood Maternity). You save on shipping by going directly to the seller’s home or at a public location. I’ve also checked http://www.ebay.com and there are so many individual listings for Motherhood Maternity clothing. I’m currently watching a few items, mostly dresses. On this site, expect to pay shipping. Still cheaper than going to the stores. Plus, I really like the quality of the Motherhood Maternity line. The tops at Ross and DiDi’s were really cheap, see-through material, and poor stitching. 

I am really interested in Maxi Dresses but they are quite pricey ($50-$125 each) on every site, except http://www.15dollarstore.com (not specific to maternity, mind you). I started looking at http://www.youtube.com for how-to inspiration and I may just dabble in making my own (of course, this means, I will need to look for fabric now, something that is not rough or harsh on my skin, preferably cotton or cotton-blend). I am a crafty person and I love the creative process, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with every creation. So, we’ll see… 





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