Adventures in Maternity Clothing Shopping, Part Two

I went to Savers (thrift shop) on friday, but I was searching for tops with a little more room (they weren’t specifically maternity tops). I had an armful but only liked a couple because they weren’t already hugging my (growing) belly. I looked in six racks, knits, short sleeved tops, and tanks. I was able to use my 20% off coupon (for donating stuff on an earlier trip). I don’t have any qualms about thrift shopping because my parents used to take us when we were kids. I’ve always gone to thrift shops because they have unique things and vintage clothing (I had a phase when I was in college, where 75% of my clothes were vintage).

On saturday, we went to DiDi’s Discounts (owned by Ross), where there was a single rack for maternity clothing. I was able to find two pieces from Old Navy (I know the label), a tiered skirt and a tank top, for around $10.00! The other clothing brands were a little on the cheap side, and I found the fit was a little funny, on the tops.

On sunday, we went to Ross in Henderson, where there was a single rack of maternity clothing. I found several bottoms, but only ended up buying a bermuda length pair of shorts with a secret belly fit panel for $11.99. The leggings were a little too long, and there was a lot of space in the crotch area- it was too big. Overall, the selection was similar to DiDi’s, some cheap-quality tops (thin see-through material), some bottoms. 

On the same street, we went to Old Navy. There is a small corner section of maternity clothing- pants/jeans (jeans were $34.99), shorts ($24.99 and above), dresses (maxi dresses were $39.99), and tops (few sweaters). There was one clearance rack. Some dresses on another rack were marked down. I also saw the same tank and skirt that I got the previous day at Didi’s for $10 and $15. I didn’t get anything here but I did get a cardigan a month or so earlier.   

On monday, we went to JCPenney at the Meadows Mall. Again, there is a small corner designated for maternity clothing, but part of the women’s fine dress department, across from the fitness wear, and the shoe department, lower level. Because I’ve been to two other JCP stores, I’m getting familiar with their line of clothing, Duo Maternity (plus, I already have some of these items). There were few bottoms, mostly tops, ruched side tees, and dresses. The markdowns were mostly tops. I had to smile to myself as I saw older women shopping in this section, but they were NOT pregnant. The two tops were a bust, as they looked funny on me, or made me appear larger. This is why it’s so important to try on the clothes to see how it looks on your particular body shape. 

I went to the nearby Motherhood Maternity store, right next door, lower level. The regular priced stuff was situated in front, the promotion was “Buy 3 tops, get one Free”, and the markdowns were in back on two racks. I saw a few things I liked, like bermuda length dress shorts in dark grey (had a budget, though, so if I want something else I can go back later). I ended up buying a black and white knee length skirt with a secret belly fit panel for $9.99! I’m finding that out of all the stores, this chain has the best selection for high-quality made clothing in a variety of colors and sizes. And the styles are contemporary and up-to-date. I just remembered that I have to go back anyway, because I want to use my coupon in June (buy $75 worth, get $30 off). 

Finally, we went to Sears, on the other side of the mall. Nope. No maternity section here.

There you have it, four days of searching. I looked at the store locator online for Motherhood Maternity and found out that some select Macy’s stores have a Motherhood Maternity section: Blvd, Meadows, & Galleria. Looks like that’s where I’m headed to next…      


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