Adventures in Maternity Clothing shopping

I know, my blog is usually about swapping on and or “selling” on, but I’ve slowed way down on the swapping lately, for one major reason, I am pregnant, and my main focus has been taking good care of myself while we prepare for the arrival of our first child.

Last friday morning, when I tried putting on a pair of capris, which could not be buttoned up any further (two inches), I knew it was time to buy some maternity clothes. A few weeks ago, I had gone through my summer clothes, to see what I could still wear, and there isn’t much, except some dresses and a few babydoll tops.

On saturday afternoon, we went to the Galleria Mall, and found a small section at the JCPenney store’s upper level, which also coincided with the Women’s Plus  size department. The general rule is to go for items in your pre-pregnancy size, which is Small.  There were more tops available for me to try than the bottoms (I’m smaller on the bottom, and sizes are not always available for me, getting use to that, though), so I found a good basics foundation of three tops in various colors. The prices were pretty good here. So I wanted to check out more JCP stores.

Later on, we went to the Premium Outlets/South specifically for the Motherhood Maternity outlet store plus I had a gift card too (more markdowns here; normally the regular prices are a little steep- but isn’t that the norm for specialty stores?). I looked for cotton blend pieces rather than polyester blends (summer days are brutal, triple digits). I spent alot of time here in the dressing room. And both ladies were helping me find things in my sizes too (they’re so nice). I ended up with  two dresses, three bottoms- pants, capris, and shorts, a tank/shorts set, a tank top, and a long-sleeved top- 9 pieces in all.  I was pleased, but I needed more things to get me through the rest of the pregnancy. As for variety and sizes, this store is probably the best place to find new clothes. Also, I got a coupon for $30 off my $75 purchase for one specified week in June.

On sunday night, after dinner with my family, we went to Target on Flamingo/Maryland (our go-to store). We’ve been here a bunch of times recently but I kept forgetting to check out the Maternity section. I saw the clothes online, but I wanted to try them on, because sizing is slightly different here, Medium. I didn’t like how anything looked, because it seemed like I was in between sizes; just did not fit or look right. Disappointing. But then again, everything I saw online was not available in this store. I probably need to check other locations.

On monday night, after dinner, we went to the Boulevard Mall. I wanted to check out Sears, Old Navy and JCPenney. Sears’ Maternity department was a good size, but I didn’t like a lot of their stuff. Most of the clothes were not stylish or cute. I did see two striped tops that I liked, but they were $28 each, and the promotion was BOGO (buy one, get one free). I wasn’t totally convinced though, so we moved on. I figured we could come back if I didn’t have any luck. But, I did notice the 3-pack of undies for $12.98. At Motherhood, it’s $14.98 for 3-packs. Old Navy didn’t have a Maternity section! The sales woman said “It’s only online.” But, that’s not true, because the one at Stephanie had a small one, which kinda coincided with the Kids section; we went a few weeks ago and I got a cardigan. JCPenney had a corner specifically for Maternity clothes, but it was much better than the one in Henderson. The price tags weren’t all current (there were signs on the May promotions), but that’s ok, because I scored 5 pieces for $40.00! I got two striped long-sleeved henleys, one dress, a dressy top, and a striped tee. There were very few bottoms here. I had to laugh when I saw two older Japanese ladies deep in conversation as they were getting tops from the $3.00 rack (which I saw in their hands at the register). I do want to check out other locations, like the Meadows Mall. This was the best shopping trip, so far.

I know other stores offer Maternity clothes, but when I checked online, the stores that generally have high prices were: Gap,  Ann Taylor Loft, and Kohls. I have yet to check out Ross and Wal-Mart (though it might be just online, because availability is limited to a few states). I did check for some ads; not many have small or medium, mostly larger sizes. On other online sources, some stated ebay, but I have not check that site yet.



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