How to keep your sanity when listing items on

When you have more than one item ending on one particular day (as high as 10 days or as low as 1 day. for free, no credits), it can be a little confusing and stressful, especially when you have two auctions that are similar in type (the site limits all sellers to two auctions of the same exact item). I am going to give you some tips to keep your sanity.

In the comments section, people will constantly ask you, “Will you lower the days?” I’ve gotten annoyed with this silly question (Why ask? This ensures that I as a seller, will get the most exposure and therefore, the most bids on my item). To put a stop to it, I list this on my item description/bidding terms, “I will not lower the days.” In the beginning of my membership, I succumbed to the requests on several occasions, and come to find out, the people who asked me in the first place, did not even bid on my auctions. Talk about a waste of time. As I gained more experience, I saw on many other sellers’ profile stating the same exact thing: do not ask me to lower the days. This is a seller staple. If you have something that people want, a good buyer will abide by your rules (as long as it is not violating the website rules). 

You can space out your auctions accordingly. For example, you can list ten auctions with different end times (10 days is free; the longer option, 20 days is also available, but it will cost you a certain amount of credits- I’ve never used this option, so I don’t know what that number is, exactly). The easy way to do it (assuming you have 10 items to list), is start with 10 days, the next one can be 9 days, and so on. Or if you prefer, you can list 5 items on one day (same auction day end time), and the other 5 items on another day. All you need to do is, click on the “Show Advanced Options.” Some sellers only ship once a week, or even once every couple weeks (but it is noted on their item description, though). Keep in mind, if a buyer uses the “Get It Now” option (you list a required amount for the auction to end immediately; this is an additional credit cost to you), this could throw off your schedule. But with careful pre-planning, this won’t be a huge monkey wrench in your shipping calendar.

In the beginning, I had as many as 25 items listed (maybe even more), and it got overwhelming (I work full time). Now, I am more established (over 513 feedbacks) and don’t need to list as much (until my credits run out, that is). Plus, I also have several ongoing auctions that I relist. It’s easy to relist when you go to the “Ended With Winner” tab on the left side of your page. Click on “Relist” on the right side after you’ve clicked on the item. I usually make a few minor changes and then it’s back on auction.



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