The recycling continues

It’s been crazy busy lately- last month was a blur, with all the holidays, holiday happenings (Magical Forest, the Bellagio Fountains, Ethel M’s Cactus Garden), and add family birthdays, including mine (and my mom, who turned 75)! Well, here’s my first post of the new year. Happy 2012, a few days late (but it hasn’t even been a week yet, so I’m safe).

So, I’ve gotten my husband to recycle on a regular basis (who in turn, got his dad to recycle, but in Henderson, it’s easy, because the residents have one huge bin that everything goes into, while Las Vegas residents have three colored small sorting bins to use). I recycle at home (pickup is twice a month) and at work. I have blue recycle bins in the office, but not many people (I should say, men, because I’m the only woman here) pay attention. Anyway, I go and make my rounds, and it’s all good. It certainly helps that the recycle and trash receptacles are not far from the front door.

What I’m getting at is, the Holidays are no exception for me. I reuse the gift bags (who’s going to know that these are reused, OK, maybe if they are reading my blog, ah, yes, they know now…haha), the tissue paper (the crumples make the cushioning puffy), and the gift boxes (whatever’s damaged, I throw into the recycling bins). I’m an avid swapper (you see, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, really is the truth) on several swap sites (like,, and (one ended)) so I reuse packaging as well; it’s expensive otherwise). I also list reusable items as well, to encourage the “reuse” cause. I also reuse the plastic bags for my dogs’ poop collection (weekly). But whenever possible, I try to use my reusable totes. (I’ve also got a collection of foil balls, and when they are facebook-worthy-of posting, will snap some pics and upload.)

The art of recycling can also be extended to shopping. Shopping the second-hand stores can be like a treasure-hunt. It’s a win-win for the organizations the store supports (like Savers), and sometimes you can score some really neat things for a low price (it’s a rare occasion when I pay retail, ok, maybe my makeup, but even then, I shop the outlets; OK, when I have gift cards burning a hole in my pockets, is another exception). And when you make a donation, you get a coupon for 20% off your purchase. Sometimes, there are promotions for 30% off, when you get a stamp card filled out (either by donations or making purchases). In addition, I also make donations (Spring & Fall cleaning) to my favorite organization, Safe Nest (purple bins located throughout the Las Vegas valley). And, finally, I donate my magazines and books to the local library’s dropbox (I don’t even have to go inside, it’s that convenient). BTW, I also belong to several book swap sites as well (all are one-ended). I also make regular visits to Buffalo Exchange and Trend Traders (both buy-sell trade boutiques). 

Like I said before, it’s really a lifestyle and mindset. I enjoy doing my part for the environment; using less energy and resources is a good thing for our planet. It’s easy to do, and it doesn’t take an extra effort, once there is a regular routine (ok, sometimes, the collections can pile up really fast). There are only a few of us on our block that partake, but once you see their stuff out, it’s a good reminder, to get ours out as well. 


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