more fun updates on and

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I could give you an update.

Still going strong on (jeez, it’s so addicting, that site, but I’ve said that numerous times). To date, I’ve given up 207 items/auctions (remember, some of these were lots, so the number is actually much larger than that). I’ve won 29 auctions, so I’ve given way more than I’ve gotten, but it’s allowed me to clear our the clutter (yay!). My last two wins were designer bags, one being a Michael Kors bag and a Dooney & Bourke bag- both are in excellent condition, so you see, my hobby is very rewarding (in more ways than one). Seems like Coach is much harder to win since it can go really high up there in credits (so I don’t anticipate winning any of those anytime soon, but that’s ok).

Yes, there are still some people who ask for this and that, like free shipping. And people still do not read the entire item description and ask questions when it’s right there! Oh, and let’s see, the Know-It-Alls who comment on all the designer bags, in a seemingly accusatory manner, almost telling the owners that their purses are fake (you see the one flaw, is that you can flag people’s auctions- and earn a badge, which I think is BS). It’s a good thing that there is an option to “block” a member. And finally the people who lag in communication (ie. submitting shipping payment or supplying addresses). I’m pretty good about communicating. I’ve got some pending transactions. I’d really want all the feedback that is due to me. You earn badges on the feedback about you, and that you leave, as well (and rightfully so).  Another grip is the fact that lots of people on the site, get away with listing questionable/prohibited items, and not all of them are flagged/removed. I guess that these are small problems since the rewards outweigh all of them (or I wouldn’t still be active on the site).

I seem to have found my niche on the site (finally!). I’ve got lots of scrapbooking supplies  (scrap paper lots) and stickers, so I am able to do Free Shipping on those auctions since one forever stamp will do. I still need to go through my stash so I can list more auctions (guessing next week). But I’m glad that I’m able to do that since people really shy away from paying for shipping. Also, another thing that does well on the site, regardless of shipping, is designer perfume.

I currently have one swap pending on finally getting rid of my last D & B purse available- a green all-weather-leather bag for a few of her things- about 3 or 4 items- coach wristlet, free people wallet, Body Shop gift set (not unusual for a large ticket item), that’s just been sitting in my closet. I’m waiting on the package but I suspect that it’s the elusive UPS package that requires a signature (three attempts).

Happy Bidding and let the fun begin.






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