so the adventures continue on

I was starting to get frustrated with the many requests for “free shipping” that I started pulling some of my items off the site in retaliated disgust (in a previous post, I mentioned that I allow a certain number of ‘Free Shipping’ items per month, in accordance with my budget). I was using up my credits for other things that I wanted. Soon, my credits dwindled down (darn). So, I started to list items again, took more pictures of other/new things I decided to give away (motivation). I’ve listed new things, but then decided to list all the ones I had pictures for already, which were in my flash drive (might as well, right?). Slowly the credits began to build up again. And my addiction to this site is going strong again. It’s highly addictive- this site. I’m sure other listians would agree.

I still get comments on my listings asking for “free shipping” (in addition, to the ones I already allow for the month- yeah, some people don’t have any shame in asking). I’m staying firm on my monthly budget though (about 10-15 free shipping items per month) and simply respond that I’ve already reached my limit for the month- much more effective, because it’s the simple truth and one could even check my profile for the proof. I noticed that other sellers are also charging for shipping  on large ticket items (flat rate boxes). It can really add up. I’m not surprised that some sellers only ship things twice a month. Some sellers ask for half the shipping cost.

To my credit, I’ve given away 153 items (though this number is not accurate, as some of the items I’ve listed were lots of items, so in essence, given away so much more!), and won 25 items. I’ve currently got 31 items listed as well. I love that I’m clearing up the clutter. (I keep saying that I’m going to Buffalo Exchange and Trend Traders to get rid of more clothing, but this weekend looks less busy than last weekend, so it’s looking good, right now.)

After all, this site, along with,,,,, are all contributing green sites that are helping our precious planet in a huge way- recycling for other things that we want, keeping these unwanted items out of landfills, and helping us attain other things for things we no longer use. In addition to this recycling (listing items), I reuse the packaging that I receive, along with tissue paper that I also reuse, from gifts and the holidays. I know that all of these things help.

So, in my effort to break away from listia, I get pulled right back in again, with dreamy items luring me away from boredom (and my items/freebies). And the adventures continue; the highs of bidding and winning an auction, the lows of paying for shipping (if any), the anticipation for getting that new item, the time it takes to take pictures, list items/descriptions, respond to comments (like “free shipping”, verification, etc.), making contact after a buyer wins the auction, packing the items, going to the post office (paying for shipping), and finally after a few days, leaving feedback (after the buyer leaves feedback for me- learned that the hard way). It’s a process and cycle, and although time-consuming, can be really rewarding too (I’ve gotten some really good items in return, like bags, jewelry, and beading supplies). I love when the buyer loves the item and expresses it in her/his feedback for me.

It’s safe to say that I’ll be listing more things down the line; adding to my feedback number, my credit building (yay! so I can get things I want), and best of all, decluttering project (ongoing- work in progress).


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