Beware the active flaggers on for fakes

These people are super annoying. Since there is zero listings and therefore zero feedback, this person’s single mission on, is to flag people’s auctions for fakes; even earning a badge for flagging more than 25 auctions! This blind profile (no picture) give the stats once you click on that person’s profile. Ridiculous “no-life having” mission.

Well, I was wondering why there were so many listings with “Please don’t flag- this has been updated- to keep with the rules” type descriptions. I was watching a bag that had first been listed as a Coach bag and then the person updated his/her listing to state that it was simply a big black bag. Well, the person continued to say that this would be his/her last listing because so many items were being flagged (there’s a badge for this, so I could see why people are easily motivated to flag other people’s auctions). I went to check on it a few hours later. It was pulled! I had intended to bid on this item- how disappointing. I now understand why people would give me comments on my auctions as well- to spread the hate-monging going on- since they had a touch of it, they’re continuing the chain/cycle.

I quickly contacted my friend on the site and she said that you could block the person (ie. the hater), so that’s what I did. She told me that there are lots of people who flag auctions yet have zero feedback. (Wow, talk about a loser, with nothing better to do than to flag other people’s auctions.) Another person who identified herself as a site “moderator” contacted me as well. Well, I did pull the item to avoid a black mark (one item of mine was flagged and removed by another moderator), but I was upset about it. I’ve seen lots of fakes and this one was not fake, but hey, whatever. BTW, I did mention to this moderator that it was interesting that some people’s auctions are flagged for prohibited items yet others are not (ie. used makeup), but hey, another whatever.

Before I pulled the listing, I did comment back about the person who gave me the notice. I said “it’s interesting that you have zero feedback, zero listings, but yet you’ve earned a badge for flagging people’s auctions.” This person avoided my observations, but I hope some people saw it. I called that person out.

So, in my current listings, I state exactly where the item was purchased and that it is authentic (since it came from the actual store, thank you very much!); sometimes taking note with all caps, to get my point across, hey, it should work, plus I’m tired of the stupid ones that ask questions after speed reading through my descriptions (ie. asking about the closure, when it was clearly stated in the description- you see, you also get badges for making comments, 100, 200, etc.). Seems like the same problems on e-bay are appearing on as well.



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