Spring Cleaning and Listia updates

This weekend, we finally redecorated the living room with a blue, white, and serene beach theme (very pretty). Now, what to do with all the Asian Decor (both the living room and dining room were done in Asian decor)? We kept the dining room with the Asian Theme, though, so as to define both areas (it’s open- one of the few things that I love about our very-old-by-Las Vegas-terms house). So, we are selling lots of it at our yard sale. It’s a nice thing to change up the themes- breathes new life into it, and looks good with the new furniture. Of course, the house is a mess right now (need empty boxes for the yard sale stuff), but the living room looks good. We had some things already on hand (shells, glass containers, shell dishes) to add to the redecoration project. Of course, now, those areas seem a tad empty. Oh well, more stuff to redo this week sometime- it all takes time.

More of my listings “sold” this weekend. I won’t get my credits though until the other person gets her end (1), leaves me feedback (2), and then I would finally get my credits (3- woo hoo). I have over 1200 credits pending. I am getting sick of the “Can you do free shipping?” stupid question/comment. Lady, I have over 60 things listed in auctions, be reasonable. So, I commented back, “gladly issue free shipping if auction reaches over 3500 credits.” Hmm, wonder if that will get another comeback.

I now have 11 badges to my credit. I want to do more lots (those seem to do well) but I know I will get that “free shipping” comment again. I’ve won two auctions, and had to pay for shipping, on one, so I’ve seen both issues of the coin, here. I am also tempted to list some designer bags that I am not using, but I’ll see. I still need to go through my clothes again, since it’s almost that switching time again (spring/summer)- I need to switch out clothing in my closet, move the winter back up to storage and bring down the warmer season clothing. Wonder if I need to weigh each and every item though since I can’t offer free shipping on every auction- might be a good idea, so that I can also include that in the item description.

We were out all day yesterday and were slightly delayed by a snag (that’s life, right?) so I kept getting updates on my blackberry (lots of them were ending yesterday) but could not access the site (happens alot with blackberry). I could not wait to get them all settled (e-mails sent, taking them off other swap sites, packed them, etc.) once we had dinner. Yes, this all takes time. Note to self, stagger ending times, next time.

Still so anxious to get my pending credits as I am watching many items.



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