I won my first auction on www.listia.com

I acquired some points (over 500) since joining the site last week. I was eager to bid on something within my point balance so I bid on a vintage costume jewelry parts lot. I won in the last minute! I was so happy because there are unique pieces- I plan on incorporating my own design and creating one-of-a-kind pieces (oh I can’t wait!). The seller is shipping it today- yay! So this is the good part. Also, this transaction adds to my XP score (level of experience- the other number on the left side of my profile page)- another plus. This all adds to acquiring more badges, too.

The bad part is I need more points in order to bid on more things. I am watching a few things (also similar to e-bay; except when the auction is over, it’s automatically taken off your watch list) so I want more points. Luckily, several items of mine are over in the next couple days. Of course, that doesn’t mean much if the items I am watching are ending today, right? I still have learning to do on the site itself.

I have 65 items (and counting) listed and currently have 7 bids.  As long as there are no bids on your item, you can edit it (change the auction ending date). I’ve had to limit these requests to two items per person. One of my fans asked me to do this three times. Sorry, give some other people a chance.

I have a strategy in swapping online. I call this “trading up.” If I notice that the other swapper has things or brands that I don’t wear or have, but I know that this brand or item is popular, I will include that in the swap deal. Examples of this are: Bebe, Guess, MAC items that I don’t have, designer bags not necessarily my style or color, etc. I’m not sure that other swappers use this too but I notice that for whatever reason, the items I swapped with them, ends up in their swaps as a “re- rehash.” I don’t mind it, I do it too. Sometimes, the item doesn’t fit me right, look right on me, not what it looked like or seemed in the picture (too much flash, makes it brighter), whatever.

Currently have two pending swaps right now, but one is not answering my messages, so if that falls through, I am definitely listing this item on http://www.listia.com because I know lots of people will want this item: new croco print purple wallet, which was a gift that I did not use.


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