Packing Tips continued

When using the US Postal Service for the transport of your packages, you must take special precautions. See, I spent a brief stint with USPS during the Holidays one season- packages are laying on a conveyor belt and then tossed into the giant bins (stacked and stacked until it’s full) according to zip code (sometimes dropping, sometimes from across the room). Even though the managers advised the workers to use care, when the packages are showing up and it’s packed (we’re talking hundreds at a time, thousands by the end of the night), you just want to deal with it as quickly as you can. It’s because of this first-hand experience, I try to use as much care in the packing of my packages.

On a recent swap, I got the package (clasp manila envelope) that was ripped in many different spots- the most I’d seen in years. Outside there was a clear envelope that the USPS had placed around the package, which stated “We Care.” I think that this was the first swap for this girl, so I can understand why she didn’t know what to do. I use good quality clear packing tape (not scotch tape) because I know its rugged journey. Even when I use flat rate envelopes and boxes, I end up using lots of packing tape, but it’s worth it.

If there is something that you are sending that is a body care item, use tape on the cap after tightening, and pack inside a plastic grocery bag or ziploc bag. Or use tissue paper or brown paper bags- whatever you have on hand. You definitely do not want the body lotion, perfume, or spray to end up on the clothes you’re sending (most often, it’s a multiple item swap- saves on shipping). Recently, I had to place a limit of 6 full size body care items because it would be hard to fit everything into a medium size flat rate box (when carefully wrapped individually). Also, if you have the space when using a box, it would be wise to use bubble wrap or brown kraft paper to cushion (extra protection).

Hope this helps. Happy swapping!


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