completing the swap

I was on vacation last week. In the few days leading to departure, I had a few swap deals going and wanted to complete most of them. One swapper was sick, so I understood (no biggie, ’cause she kept in touch with me; it’s all about the communication). A couple lagged a bit, but I eventually got her end (that friday- so I brought my end with me on vacation, good thing she was in the same city). One person is still ever so slow. And I have yet to hear from her (sent her a few e-mails). The deal started the week before I left, so it’s going on three weeks now. I was afraid that this was going to happen and since I looked at her feedback, noticed that she is not completely reliable (has negative feedback). Meanwhile, a couple swappers asked about the two items that this slow swapper wants.

It’s no wonder that some swappers specify on their profiles that they want to complete their swaps within a reasonable amount of time (most say under two weeks). It’s irritating, because then we also have to wait to receive our feedback. I usually ask for the other swapper to let me know when she ships. This way I can get a general idea on shipping expectations. Thus, why communication is so very important in these swap deals.

I am giving her one more week, then if I don’t hear anything from her, I will cancel the deal, freeing up the two items. Jeez. This is another one of those things that you’d think would be “common sense.” But there are so many different personalities in the small swapping world.


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