Other one-ended “swap” sites to consider

There are so many other swap sites available, specifically for books and/or magazines- these are one-ended (so technically, it’s not a swap). Let’s face it, books are expensive, especially hard cover books. I’ve purchased less books since discovering these sites.

The most popular site for books is http://www.bookmooch.com- it’s the one I use the most, anyway. Currently my score is 113.  My number of given books is very close to the number of books that I requested/mooched over the years. I’ve been on this site the longest out of all the book sites. The site is worldwide, but you will see where the book is located on your search. If there are more than one copy available, you have the option to choose who to mooch from- there is a profile of each bookmoocher belonging to the site. You can use the Wish List feature. The Inventory feature is nice. The downside is you will not find every book you’re looking for, but there is a neat link to http://www.amazon.com, though, if you prefer to purchase the book. You also have the ability to donate your books to an organization, if you wish.

I’m also on http://www.paperbackswap.com, which uses a point system- you request books with the points you have in your account (you get points by sending your requested books out). Currently, I have two points. I am waiting for some books on my Wish List to become available.

Another book site (but other items are also available such as music cds, clothing, etc.- not exclusive to books) which is less popular and very basic, compared to the other sites, is http://www.titletrader.com; also uses a point system, similar to http://www.paperbackswap.com. All sites have a feedback rating for each book “transaction.”

Another site that is one-ended, where books and other items are available to you, is http://www.chancexchange.com. This is a simple site and pictures are not readily available. If you get the e-mail notice, you will be notified every time an item becomes available. This is also point-based, and you earn points by sending items out. Many different items are available on this site.

A local site (every city) that is also one-ended is http://www.freecycle.org. This is different in that you pick up the item/s you want from the person or person’s home. You can also leave the item/s outside of your garage, carport or designated area (curb, box, etc.). Everything is available on this site. But you have to be quick- some people are quick to respond to the posting. Sometimes the person offering specifies that the picker gets everything in the box, don’t leave a mess, etc.

Another local website is http://www.craigslist.org (every city) but I’m sure you’ve heard of this site. It’s super popular. Many items are available on this site. You can also check out the “Barter” section. You can also sell items using this site, as well as post “Yard Sale” events.

The neat thing about sending books out is the Media Mail rate with the US Postal Service. It may take longer, but the benefit is that it’s much cheaper. Sometimes, if you have a small softcover book, you can send it using First Class mail with USPS- of course, it will be delivered faster.


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