the wrap-up…continues

My intent this week was to complete any pending swaps from the previous week. However, the offers kept pouring in (I declined a bunch too BTW), and thus the planned wrap-up was foiled. This happened because I added a bunch of items on two less active swap sites (I’m on there, just less than my favorite, I even asked some swappers to hold their items until after I got back (doing the same for them too). Some of the swappers involved are a little slow. I’m the swapper with more feedback in most of these new swaps, so I am just waiting.

Fast forward a couple days- four packages received. Still waiting on about three more. All went well, BTW, so far. Not bad for a couple first-time swappers- fast shipping, honest item descriptions, good items, not damaged; happy with them. I knew that my husband would say something when three packages came on one day (yesterday). I told him I was trying to wrap up all my swaps this week. I really was, see the preceding paragraph? And I told him that the offers kept pouring in when I added more items on one particular site ( I added that I did turn down quite a few offers too. Imagine if ALL my swap items were included on that site- there is more exposure, because there is a wider membership (worldwide), and it’s the oldest swap site (7 years plus). I’m even encouraging other swappers to join the other sites, so that they get more swap deals going.


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