Communication is a must in swapping

One of the key ingredients in successful swapping online is communication. It is absolutely essential, before, during, and after a swap. I even included a paragraph regarding “communication” on my profile on and I noticed many swappers did the same too.

Before the swap

The initial contact is (1) expressing interest in swapping with a PM (private message) (ie. I like your________, would you like to swap/see anything you like?) or (2) if you’re on, you could use the “watch” feature- perfect ice breaker (ie.”I’m watching your_______, see something of mine that you like?” When a swap is proposed, you can either accept, decline, or negotiate (on it’s called a “bid”, on it’s an offer- click on “respond to this offer”- from there, you can either accept it or decline it with a personal message included as well, on you have those three options I mentioned- but your items are ‘held’ until the offer is accepted (meaning noone else can place an offer on it)). If the other person isn’t interested, I prefer getting a “Sorry, no thanks” or “It’s pending, but if it falls through, I will let you know” rather than not getting any response at all. It’s rude to keep people hanging. Since I don’t like it, I try not to do that to other people.

During the swap

Whoever has less karma (rehash)/tokens (swapstyle)/feedback (dignswap) ships out first (unless selling- only allowed on Address information is exchanged. If you’re using DC (delivery confirmation), it’s polite to let the other swapper know, on and, you can leave this number on the swapper’s “comments” section on the profile. Some people will send another PM (private message). I like to know when the other swapper is shipping because it gives me an expected delivery time. When I get the package, I will leave feedback and ship out my end the next day. If there is a delay, I still would like to know. And I completely understand (things happen, life happens). But I am pretty cool about it. As long as the other swapper is letting me know what is going on with the swap.

After the swap

If there are any problems (ie. a mess during shipping), I work them out (ie. sending out more items) because I do not want to end up with negative feedback. I am so careful now these days, because I learned from my mistakes. Leaving feedback is so important, because this score is about the swapper’s trustworthiness (ie. honesty in the item/s description, condition of the item- no damage (ie. pilling/holes/stains), communication skills, shipping, freebies included, tissue wrapping/packaging of the item and how the swap went in general).

Other additional hints

If I want to give the other swapper more kudos, I write something extra in their “comments” section. You can also “friend request” a swapper (on and or place that swapper on your “favorite swapper” list (on and

In closing, I cannot stress enough how important communication is in a swap. Yes, there are just some people out there who lack communication skills. Sadly, this is a reality in all facets of life. If you have no/few problems with 80%-90% of your swaps, consider yourself lucky. Swapping is not perfect, but it can be fun, when the swaps go well. If an item is not the right size/fit/not what you expected/whatever, you can always place the item back on your swaps. If things go terribly wrong, you still have the following options: contact an admin, leave bad/negative feedback, if it’s a swaplifting incident- you can file a mail fraud report, contact the offender’s city police department, and list the name/address on the forums.


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