Why is swapping addicting?

Remember when you were a kid and you’d swap with your friends? It could be anything- from lunch, to snacks, to clothing, to school supplies. It was fun, right? Getting something “new” even though it wasn’t brand-new was exciting. It was something you hadn’t had before- it was new to you.

The same goes for swapping online. You have all this stuff anyway, and it’s not something you use anymore, so it’s something that someone else could use or want. In going through some of my swap stash last night, I realized that I hadn’t even listed everything available. But that project has got to wait, because I am really busy this week.

At one of my workplaces, some years ago, while talking to a fellow office mate, found out that we liked the same makeup brand, MAC. So, we swapped lip liners- it was a win-win. I wanted a nude color and she wanted a burgundy color. MAC cosmetics are expensive- average price for lipstick, eye shadows (single color), and lip liners are about $14 each.

The swap is free, so it doesn’t cost anything except the cost of the postage to send the item/s. If you do larger swaps, of course you are further saving on shipping, as well. I used to accept swaps abroad but have limited my swaps to the US, simply because (1) there are additional forms to fill out (customs), and (2) the cost of shipping is more. If I really want the item or if my end is light, are the only exceptions to my rule.

The business of swapping online is time-consuming, so in a way, it’s not all completely “free.” Time is a valuable commodity these days. But, sometimes the rewards are well worth it. I’ve enjoyed it over the years enough to continue doing so. And maybe it’s not for everyone, but I will enjoy my hobby, in the meantime.


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