Editing your postings saves time

It’s such a simple thing to edit your postings in the title line. But not many swappers do this. I am a little anal retentive when it comes to the editing. I am on multiple swap sites (seven plus, actively) so this is simply a necessity. Several offers were denied last week (on my part) because these swappers hadn’t edited their items properly. All their items were  “pending.” I didn’t see anything else that was worth swapping. So, next. By editing, I mean, going into the item posting/listing and changing the status in the title line- to reflect “Pending” status or “Hold” status. “Pending” means that it’s already in a swap offer and/or en route to the other swapper. “Hold” means that the item has been entered into negotiating/promising status, and will eventually be entered into an “offer” situation. For time reasons, the offer has been delayed. The timing could mean, that there are currently too many pending deals going on (some swappers have a limit of 5 per month), waiting on payday (some swappers place a $25 postage limit per month), or waiting for an event to pass, like moving to another state, city, home, etc. (understandable event). I don’t have an unlimited amount of time (don’t stay at home; I work full time) so this simple task of editing an item’s status cuts down on wasted time. This also becomes an issue when a swapper has several hundred individual listings. If she doesn’t have all the sizes in the titles, it becomes work to look at each and every item. If it gets confusing, use a little notepad to get things straight.

Another time saver is listing the size of the item in the item’s title line. Again, this is easy, and saves time (ie. having to ask the swapper what size an item is, guessing from the picture). I make sure to do this when I list the item. If I don’t have it, I go back and edit. If the sizing is funny, I notate that fact in the item description (ie. the small fits more like an extra small). I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised, since many e-bay sellers are lazy and don’t include detailed descriptions (material, size, dress measurements- we all know that sizes are not universal across the board). Again, I am also an e-bay seller and take pride in my item descriptions (also remind the bidder to “read the entire description” before bidding). Since I was first an e-bay seller (and then a swapper), all the practices seemed to have transferred into the swapping MO.

It’s funny how when you’ve been doing this as long as I have, things like this become, “second nature.” These are just some simple, but effective, tips to ensure swap interest.


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