Enter more postings to get more offers

I took the time on sunday to add a bunch of postings to my account on http://www.dignswap.com. Although the pictures did not appear (a hacker is responsible for this), the postings did get results. I saw a bag that I liked, and placed a bid. The other swapper wanted my Adidas zip jacket (rare- marked sample). But I let her know that I was also on other sites (www.swapstyle.com & http://www.rehashclothes.com), which are more complete than http://www.dignswap.com, so she took a look. She liked one of my bags listed. We arranged a swap. She is a newbie (no feedback at all, zero), which means, she ends her end first (the first rule of swapping). So, the Adidas jacket is still available. But I don’t know how to change the item on this site. ( I think I have to contact the admin.) So, I will have to add it again, after the deal is completed.

I also added more postings to my http://www.swapstyle.com account on sunday. Immediately, over a period of three days, I had five offers! I denied three offers because they had “pendings” on the items that I wanted. See, I always update my stuff if it’s entered into a swap negotiation (again, common sense). It’s easy, all you do is, edit your item. In the title, I enter “Pending.” Plus, since I am on three sites, I want to have current information. On this site, after the offer is accepted, you and the other swapper communicate with personal e-mail. The items are taken off your “available” list automatically by the site.

When you are a seasoned swapper, the steps you take, are almost second nature. Edit the posting to reflect “Pending” status, get the items wrapped and ready to go, wait for the other’s swapper’s end to come to you (usually the seasoned swapper also has more feedback, like me, in many cases), and send out your end- and the deal is complete (leave feedback on the swap).

On my favorite, most used swap site, http://www.rehashclothes.com, you can “accept, decline or negotiate” with a mouse click. But, then, your items are held in this state, which takes it away from other swapper’s “Watch List.” The other swapper will get notification, ” You are watching this item, but it’s no longer available.” At this point, you can stop watching it.  The site, generally, is very user-friendly (especially out of those three swap sites). I also have another pending swap on this site, for a bag- yay! Three people were interested in this bag: one girl had a bag that was ok, but I wasn’t crazy about the color (I don’t really wear it at all), one girl was on vacation, and did not get the chance to respond, but told me to go ahead if another girl was interested (aww, she had the best bag, but maybe next time), and the winner, had a nice bag in a good style (hobo- I love hobos) as well as nicer color, not as bright, more neutral.

I suppose the moral of the story is to put your postings out there and that will garner swap activity/interest. Since the http://www.dignswap.com site was hacked, all my items (pictures & descriptions) were all deleted. I kept checking to see if other items appeared and when I saw some pictures, I figured it was in the clear. However, when I added the pics on sunday, the pics were not visible. Since I wasn’t swapping so much on http://www.swapstyle.com, I kinda lagged on adding new postings. The site was also hacked and was not in use for about 6-8 months, so I made the switch to http://www.rehashclothes.com, and finally surpassed my score on http://www.swapstyle.com. But I saw some things that I liked on the site, so I finally added new postings, and voila! More offers within a matter of days. The audience on http://www.swapstyle.com is much larger than http://www.rehashclothes.com.





2 thoughts on “Enter more postings to get more offers

    • Thanks for the kind words. I love swapping too. I’m glad that you found my tips useful. Swapstyle has the largest membership, and it’s the oldest swap site. Good Luck with your future swaps.

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