It should be common sense- be fair with your swap offers

So, I am a seasoned swapper, so to speak, since I’ve been doing this for years on several swap sites. I’m a pretty fair person. I recently had to deny a swapper her offer because she wanted fourteen items of mine for her four items (she said she rounded the values). I probably need to set a limit on full size body care items- wrapped individually in plastic grocery bags to avoid spillage (6) because it won’t all fit into a usps flat rate medium box (and I like big swaps too, sometimes (saves on shipping) but I need to be practical). Anyway, I’ve denied her several times because of this very fact even though we’ve swapped a couple times in the past.

Isn’t this common sense to want to make it fair? I undertstand because of certain things you want from someone, the postage is not always going to match- one will always be less than the other, so to speak. It’s inevitable. But c’mon already- at least, be fair. I’m pretty aware of retail values- and I shop everywhere. I just want it as fair as possible on both sides.

Like I said in a previous post, I had to cap the body care items with a recent swap, because this particular swapper kept wanting to add more and more to the original swap, but I swear the box is so full right now. I hope that with enough tape, it will not burst open.


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