Quickly getting reacquainted with swapping again on www.rehashclothes.com

Ok, so I admit I took an extended siesta when it came to swapping and blogging about swapping. The Holidays were crazy- I baked so many different batches of cookies, not to mention the Christmas shopping, wrapping, organizing, and the hurricane that consumed my house (that’s an understatement). In addition, I’ve been writing more reviews on my other favorite website http://www.yelp.com. So, I have been active, just elsewhere, is what I am saying. I also neglected my hobby of jewelry making (time consuming, but oh-so-gratifying).

I resumed swapping again with the new year. The costs of the postage were adding up and I needed to cut corners since the Holidays were in full swing (plus birthdays mind you, including mine) last month (sigh**relief). So, I’ve been more active on my favorite swap site, http://www.rehashclothes.com lately. There are so many site problems with http://www.swapstyle.com (not as user friendly) and the other one, http://www.dignswap, was hacked (eliminating every swapper’s pictures as well as the details- why do people do that? I can’t answer that, but like with anything in the world, there are unhappy people out there that want to do harm, so we just have to be aware of that fact).

I made several attempts to swap locally using http://www.craigslist.org but some of these people are terribly unrealistic in their items (ie. wanting $40 worth of product for $30 of theirs). Hers was scrapbooking materials which I like, but I don’t love (so it’s not something I would place on my priority list). One person did not have transportation and lived in the next city. With the cost of gas rising, it became an issue. I might still swap with her though because she has lots of beads (another hobby of mine, which can be pricey too). I’ve met strangers (ladies) before, via http://www.bookmooch.com and http://www.freecycle.org, but I’m sure my husband would object (he’s protective of me). Plus, all this talk about the dangers of craigslist (case and point, the craiglist killer) would make anyone weary of dealing with strangers.

So, in an instant, in the span of a couple weeks, I have about eight swaps going on! I keep a list or else there would be no way of keeping track. My most wanted items are the numerous Bath & Body Works products, which are new and full size; over the years, I’ve purchased a bunch for gifts. I’m making the switch to The Body Shop, Lush, Burts Bees and other organic products though. Anyway, these items are in very high demand. I keep getting offers (I don’t accept every offer that comes my way). Like I said, it’s got to be fair and similar in value; in other words, a win-win for both sides. The other thing that I need to think about it, if it can all fit into a flat rate medium box (us postal service). I have to tape the bottles and wrap each one individually in a plastic grocery bag (recycling plus), and position everything in such a way that it fits comfortably. Of course, if it’s full, I need to take extra packing tape and make sure that the package is fit to withstand travel. (I used to work for usps and know about the package tossing.) One swapper wanted to keep adding, but I did a dry run and I couldn’t add any more bath products to the mix. I learned the hard way, that if I don’t take the necessary precautions, I would pay more for it, in the end (to keep that swapper happy, I offered more products to avoid bad feedback). The flat rate boxes really help out alot- when planning swaps, you should probably do your research with regards to rates (if the items are heavy, you are probably better off to send it in a flat rate box.) The second thing that swappers, want is name brand makeup and makeup brushes. Well, honestly, I have a lot of good stuff, some of it being brand-new, so I’ve got lots of watchers on http://www.rehashclothes.com (usually about 80 plus watches on my stuff). Lastly, the designer bags really get other swappers’ attention. I admit I have a designer bag addiction but at least I use most of my bags. If not, I know someone else in the rehash community will want it. And if that person has something I want, it’s a deal. It’s the beauty of swapping online (saving the world one swap at a time).

At the beginning of the month, I was going through my clothes and sorted out a bunch to donate to Savers Thrift Store (plus get a 20% off coupon off your next purchase of $10.00). I’m debating getting rid of most of the clothing because I don’t really have the room to hold it. Plus, I’ve got shoes that I might want to donate since it’s not moving (also on several swap sites). There’s a reason why I go through my stuff a few times a year- I forget about things and if I really haven’t used something, it goes on swap, gets put in the Yard Sale pile, or gets donated to Savers (which supports Safe Nest, a domestic violence organization). On second thought, I might just save it for the next Yard Sale at my father-in-law’s house in Henderson (lots of traffic there). I had another thought: have a swapping party at home but then the sizing might be an issue since some of my friends are not the same size as me. I suppose that it could be accessories like jewelry, bags, etc.

The craze has hit the rest of the country- it’s evident when you google “swapping.” There are groups all over the world, in fact. I don’t suppose that it’s going to slow down. Even with the economy getting better, I think that swapping is here to stay.






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