Swap Status

Ok, so now I have two packages MIA? Wonder if they could have gotten lost in the mail. Hmm, need to send out messages to check status.

At least, one package came for me. This was through http://www.dignswap.com. I am getting rid of a dress that I wore once that is so gorgeous (I have pictures of me wearing it that one night), along with three never-worn necklaces. In exchange, I got two dresses, a free people top, and oodles of bath care stuff (most hardly used) from Avon, Neutrogena, & Paul Mitchell. I asked her to pack it so that the bottles wouldn’t leak all over the clothes, and she did a great job wrapping everything. Not bad, for stuff I don’t use anyway, right? It’s a win-win. I left her positive feedback. Everything doesn’t fit, but I can always re-swap or re-hash; that’s the beauty of swapping. I also reused some of the tissue paper she used and some of the plastic bags for her end. The other bags I can use for my dog’s messes. (I am a responsible pet owner.)

The http://www.swapstyle.com site is still down. The merger is taking a long time, isn’t it?

I need to add more pictures to my rehashes sometime this week. There are so many errands to run, but so little time. I saw the coolest license plate that probably sums it all up for most people, GTNOTYM. I had to smile at that one.


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