Still waiting for my package

I haven’t gotten my package from the alleged swap-lifter. Did it get lost in the mail? Did she ever send it out? I looked at her profile’s comments (to see if she actually sent other packages out) but so far, only one swapper has received her package. Why did she mark the package “sent” in our rehashes? Maybe to show that she sent it? Time seems to drag on and on with this girl. I’ve been so patient. Maybe this time I should “ask a question.” When you sign in, this is what shows up on your home page. I could ask, how much time  you would give someone for a swap, before giving up and calling the deal a “swap-lift.”

The last rehash offer (most recent) is almost completed. The other girl shipped her end to me on monday. (Remember, she had more karma, so I sent mine first.) She left me karma, so now I m up to eleven. In reality, I have twelve, but the alleged swap-lifter didn’t leave me feedback. Two more would match my score on (I feel like I am starting over with these other swap sites. I had about thirty seven tokens on; that was before the site crashed.)


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