Another swap offer accepted

On, I have a new offer for my gorgeous beaded dress (I wore it once for a pageant) and three necklaces (costume). I will get two of her dresses, a top, and an assortment of body care items. I am excited because 1) I haven’t used the dress in years and 2) I am getting Avon products that are practically new. The pageant gown is so beautiful. It is beaded all over, with navy blue, red, & gold sequins. It is very heavy though because of the beads (Ok, that’s the only downside). Also, keeping Earth Day in mind today, we are both getting goods in return for our stuff that is basically, just hanging around, taking up space. Swapping is a win-win for both parties.

I mention Earth Day today but I practically live as green as I can every day of the year. I recycle everything that I can. I recycle many plastic bottles, plastic packaging, all paper (esp. junk mail), boxes and packaging, glass bottles. I am swapping on numerous sites. I go to thrift shops, like Savers & Buffalo Exchange. I also donate as much as I can, to many thrift shops. I take wire hangers back to the dry cleaners. I reuse most of the packaging from Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. I also reuse packaging from my swaps. I wash my car at the gas station car wash rather than at home. I also recycle bottles, cans, paper, and packaging at work. It’s so important to do your part. Our Earth is precious. So let’s act responsibly and pro-actively.


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