Easy Swap Offer and other news

I got a new swap offer accepted on http://www.rehashclothes.com. Here’s how it started. I was watching one of her items, a beading book. I asked her if she wanted to swap. She looked at my stuff and “watched” them. She sent me a message; opening it up for a bigger trade. (You can watch other people’s stuff on this site which is similar to e-bay.) I looked at her stuff. I saw a lot of other things of hers that I liked too (i-tunes gift card, beads, bead lot, and a beading book). I proceeded to make an offer. She accepted my offer. I looked at her “Karma” rating to see who should send out first. (I also checked her comments on her profile to see how trustworthy she was; other swappers had nice things to say about her, which is a good sign.) Since I have 9 and she has 10, I packed my end (Wilson’s suede bag, new long boho skirt and magnetic bracelet) and shipped it off the next day. I marked it as “Sent” in the offer section.” It was probably the easiest trade offer process.

I had a strange lopsided offer last week. I have yet to respond. I am wondering why someone can offer something that is not part of her rehashes. The item in question is a leather jacket, but it looks like a stock photo. And why would someone offer that up for ten pieces of jewelry?

Another person wants my jewelry but her name seems familiar so I will need to do more research. I’ve come across the same name on another site. I need to ask my friend, who is pretty familiar with infamous swappers. The numbers on her profile do not match up (ie. the swappped items and the feedback rating are really off).

I am still waiting for a package from the alleged swap-lifter. See, this is why I try to reserve judgement until some time passes. I have been patient through this whole process. So far, it’s one package delivered out of three promised packages/swaps. I will keep you posted.


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