More rehash swapping news

I received a message from the other girl who received her end from the same MIA swapper (ie. alleged Swap-Lifter) (even though it took 2 months). She got her stuff and it was all fine (no damage), but she is now unsure about leaving her Karma. What was my response?  I figure that as long as she got her stuff, that is what matters. I would still leave positive feedback, but of course I would mention that it took two whole months. It’s the right thing to do. I guess we can all wonder why it took so long. But this person was quick and vague in her message that I would rather just leave it alone. It also appears as if she’s leaving rehash (remember, she deleted her profile picture and home address).

I am wondering when is becoming News of the supposed merger/takeover was recent but I haven’t heard anything lately about the change in moving forward. Is this going to be good or bad? Time will tell. Ok, it’s a cliche, but we really don’t know what is going to happen. I think the only thing that we can agree on, is that it was a user-friendly site where most of us had so many tokens (I had over 35) but it was getting to be a bother with all the site problems (no thanks to hackers). Furthermore, there were more members which means more available inventory. Don’t get me wrong, but the site has fewer members and thus, fewer items available. I like but the swappers seem to change their minds more often and tend to be a tad more picky. I am on too but I limited it to books because I got so many requests in a very short time. People who have things listed denied me a few times, so it’s not so reliable, either. I limit my deals to a few times a week. I recently joined and My favorite book site is; I’ve been a member for years now and have gotten some really neat books. I have an excellent rating and I’ve mooched out almost 100 books. The USPS media mail rate is ideal—it’s cheap. I am currently looking for foreign language books.


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