Continuing Swap Saga…

Something major happened a few days ago. After leaving her name in the “Scammers Beware” section of the Forums, I contacted all the other victims of this alleged Swap-Lifter. One of them e-mailed me that she sent a message to this girl on facebook. So, I did a search on the site and found her! There were 11 girls with the same name. However, I remember her picture (which she deleted off the swap site), so I sent her a message. She quickly responded back through facebook. But, she didn’t explain why she had taken so long (2 months!) and was kind of nonchalant about the whole swap, like this whole thing was no big deal. (The big deal is 1.) she didn’t leave me karma after she got my end 2.) she no longer responded to my messages and left me hanging 3.) she avoided other swappers’ messages 4.) she deleted her picture and address from the site.) Did I miss something?! Anyway, supposedly she sent my end (which i should get in a few days, she said—should I hold my breath) along with the others. However, one of those girls sent me a message that this girl had canceled their swap (after she had gotten her stuff), thus, she cannot leave karma. That’s not fair. I also wonder what kind of condition my item will be; she did ask, while we were negotiating, if I still wanted it, since it would need a cleaning. But I wonder if she purposely caused any more damage to the item. I also wonder if my filed report (last week) scared her. So, I won’t know about the condition until I actually receive the package in my hands. But you can believe that I will be contacting the others about their supposed packages.


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