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I posted a swap-lifter alert on the “Scammers Beware” section in the ‘general discussions’  forums subject on Help other people by posting the offender’s name & address. Isn’t it funny that the swap-lifter deleted her picture and her address? Who would do that unless that person is guilty? Clearly, there is a problem when one has several people posting comments like, “When are you shipping? It’s been a month.” The fact that this swapper was also “online”  (it’s displayed on the home profile page) but did not respond to any of those comments supports my belief that this person swap-lifted a bunch of other people too. The comments on a swapper’s profile also display a lot of information. If you are a swapper and you do not want to become a victim, please read the forums, especially the “Scammers Beware” section. You can also search for advice on site navigation. Not all the swap sites are the same. Before agreeing to a swap, be sure to check out the potential swapper’s karma first. Then, it’s a good idea to check the forums to see who is notorious for swap-lifting. (Fewer karma means that person sends out first.) Sometimes, in my case, the swapper had good karma and then swap-lifted a bunch of people at the same time.  So, this person turned into a swap-lifter, after a few good swaps, maybe to gain the trust of some unsuspecting swappers out there, like me. Even with all these precautions,  you can still become a swap-lifting victim. If this is so, please file a mail fraud report online; it just takes a few minutes.


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