Finally submitted a file against a swaplifter

Ok, I had it. I was tired of putting this off. It’s been two months already. I finally submitted my swap-lifting mail fraud claim to the United States Postal Service. I got the link off another fellow swapper’s profile; she posted the link on her profile. Here it is:                                             …/MailFraudComplaint.aspx

It feels good to get this accomplished. Here’s the situation: I agreed to send my end (MAC makeup lot plus makeup case, approximate worth $100) but I rushed sending it off since I was about to go on vacation for a week. I didn’t check this swapper’s “Karma” (it’s a feedback system, basically to give a snapshot of a swapper’s trustworthiness. She had fewer karma than me, so she was supposed to send her end out first; once received, I would then send out my end, since I had more karma. (It’s the basic rule for swapping on That was my mistake. I asked her (via e-mail) to send out her end after I got back from vacation, to ensure that I would get the package. She agreed. A few weeks later, she posted an update on her profile, that her dad was in the hospital, and that she would understand if other swappers wanted to cancel their deals. I sent her an e-mail stating that I still wanted to go through with it. She kept telling me that she was going to the post office. Well, after a few more weeks passing, it became apparent that she was not going to send me her end. So I sent her another e-mail stating that if she didn’t respond that I would be filing a complaint. As I was looking at her profile, I noticed that other swappers maybe her swap-lifting victims as well. She had numerous packages listed that were pending; she had to send out. I kept checking her karma also to see if those trades actually went through, but it hasn’t changed. I should of known something was up, when I didn’t get a positive karma from her. This sometimes becomes a swap-lifter’s revenge; to leave negative karma on a deal. Anyway, the next step is to post this experience on the forums. There is a swap-lifters forum called “Scammers Beware.” I didn’t file a claim on the other two swap-lifting situations on; I just let it go. I didn’t even leave bad karma on their ends. But enough is enough. It’s not fair. I am an honest person—honest in my item descriptions (never swap things that I would not want myself), honest in my communication, and honest in my swap deals. I also pack the items nicely; presentation is important. I hope that my next swaps go well. If it doesn’t, I know that there’s a way to deal with Mail Fraud.


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