Swapping has been good lately except for one swap…

I had a pretty good swap with Brenda in Texas on http://www.dignswap.com for a piece of crystal jewelry that she made herself. It was a very pretty necklace and earring set. I gave her a strand of new gemstone chips, a silver bead & burgundy bead necklace that was broken but had all the parts, and a broken magnetic chakra bracelet with assorted gemstone beads. Since she makes jewelry she can re-fashion both broken items. It was a good swap since both of us were happy with our items. On the same site, I had a swap but the item I received was not accurately described. I have a lot of clothing in my swaps. None of those items have pills. I should reiterate that my items are in near perfect/new condition or in very good used condition. The item that I received, had pills, some of the sequins were falling off, many pulled strings, some hair was on it, (don’t believe the item was washed), and the seams were stretched a bit. I had to cut off the pills off (painstaking, I know), cut off the loose strings, and reinforce the seams. It took some effort but it looks better. I don’t know why some people omit these important details but then again some e-bay sellers are like that too (I hate when the dress measurements are not included in the item description—it’s called laziness). On http://www.rehashclothes.com, I had a swap that was arranged in February. I sent it off before checking her Karma (some sites have “tokens”, but essentially, it’s all the same thing, feedback). She said that she would send off her end when I got back from vacation. It never got to me. I kept e-mailing her and then when I checked her profile, she updated that her dad was in the hospital, and welcomed cancellations. I e-mailed her that I still wanted the item she promised. She responded by saying she would send it out. Well, that was a few weeks ago. I’ve been so patient. I checked her profile and she owes so many other swappers a package. I also noticed that she did not leave me any Karma, though she did receive my package. So, I am filing a complaint against her since internet fraud is punishable by law. One fellow swapper has a link right on her profile. Thanks to her, I am moving forward. In addition to being on these swap sites, I also belong to some book sites. I’ve been on http://www.bookmooch.com for a few years now. It’s great. Free. I also discovered http://www.paperbackswap.com. It’s free as well. If you can’t find books on one site, you can find it on another site. I also like http://www.titletrader.com and am contemplating joining; just trying to find the time to create a profile and list the available books. I have a huge book collection so getting books for free is such a neat way to add to my collection. You can save so much money by swapping. It’s also a neat way to Recycle and do your part to save the earth. I also patronize thrift shops so recycling has been a way of life for me. It started young; my parents took us to the Salvation Army & Goodwill. Lot of people do it but not many admit it. It’s like a treasure hunt.


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